Punta Secca Montalbano’s land
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Punta Secca Montalbano’s land

Punta Secca

“A Sicca” (in sicilian dialect) or Punta secca is a small seaside hamlet of Santa Croce Camerina. The inhabited center overlooks a rocky coast on the Mediterranean sea. Its landscapes are romantic and suggestive, the crystal clear waters make this place the pride of the province of Ragusa.

The port was coveted since ancient times: Byzantines, Arabs and Normans aimed at the small seaside town which based its economy on fish and trade.

Seaside destination for excellence, it sealed its naturalistic beauty with the construction of the Bourbon lighthouse in 1857. More than 35 meters high, its light radiates the coasts up to Gela and Cava D’Aliga.

His recent fame was credited by the television series “The commissioner Montalbano” and “The young Montalbano”. Right here, Salvo Montalbano, main character of Andrea Camilleri’s writings, lives in a house with a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. The villa on the sea, in reality, in the past was an old laboratory used for the desalination of sardines. Later, it became the summer residence of the Diquattro family and the favorite place of famous writers such as Sciascia, Bufalino and Camilleri. Currently, the fame given by television recordings has made the humble dwelling a tourist destination, for this reason, it has turned into a Bed and Breakfast.

The sea, the lighthouse, the literary and television importance give an ethereal atmosphere to the place. A walk in this village will allow the visitor to cross the thin line between reality and the imaginary, catapulting into places described with realism by Camilleri’s pen.

Martina Spampinato

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