The history of Sicily is a potentially endless topic to choose to talk about. This is because its geographical position has influenced, the choice to settle on the territory by a huge number of populations and cultures.

In order to make the presentation of this topic easier and less weighed, it was almost obligatory to divide it into several sections, to make it easier to consult.

The History of Sicily

The history of Sicily

Bourbon Sicily

The history of the Bourbon domination of Sicily begins in 1734, when Charles of Bourbon conquered it to the detriment.

The history of Sicily

Habsburg in Sicily

Often, when we talk about the Habsburg domination in Sicily, it is defined as the Spanish domination. This is because.

The history of Sicily

The Aragons in Sicily

The history of the Aragons in Sicily begins immediately after the Sicilian Vespers. During Vespers, the Sicilians drove the French.