Riserva dello Zingaro, one of the Sicilian beauties
What to see in Sicily

Riserva dello Zingaro, one of the Sicilian beauties

riserva dello zingaro

Riserva dello Zingaro, one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Sicily

The beauty of the Zingaro Nature Reserve

In Italy there are magical, uncontaminated, preserved places that allow you to admire a unique landscape step by step, surrounded by nature. The Zingaro Nature Reserve in Sicily is one of these. The Zingaro reserve is nothing more than a protected natural area which includes the western area of the Gulf of Castellamare in the province of Trapani. What differentiates this coast is that there is no road, so there are no man-made cement buildings. Obviously the decision not to build was voluntary, precisely to preserve a place of such rare beauty.

In fact, in 1976 modifications on this area were already planned and had begun for the construction of the road that connected Scopello to San Vito Lo Capo. However, these works were later interrupted by a series of environmental interventions which led to a protest in march 1980. In 1981 this struggle led to a truly surprising result, in fact the Zingaro Oriented Nature Reserve was established.

If you wonder what to see in Sicily and above all, where you can find some of the most beautiful Sicilian beaches, you cannot fail to visit this truly unique place.

The history of the Zingaro Nature Reserve

This territory before becoming a nature reserve was inhabited by families who lived surrounded by nature. The last family to live in the reserve dates back to 1960. It was a peasant family, their home today has become a real museum, the famous “weaving museum”renovated in 2013. This reserve is full of peculiarities, in fact, just like then, even today to move goods or simply to transport water from one place to another it is necessary to use mules, since motortransportation is banned in these lands.

At this time the Regional State Forestry Company is responsible for the management of the Zingaro Reserve.

Why is the ZIngaro Reserve unique

Walking in this place means living a unique experience, in fact you will have the opportunity to see a clear turquoise sea and the Sicilian beaches covered with many tiny white pebbles that give them a unique color. In this unique landscape there are also several caves, like the famous Uzzo cave and the landscapes covered in dwarf palms. Today if you wonder what to see in Sicily you should necessarily visit the Zingaro Nature Reserve, but you must know that this place can only be explored on foot, therefore not using any motor transport.

There are 5 routes that can be easily hiking boots so as not to risk slipping and it is certainly advisable to bring water bottles with you. One of the best routes is the one that runs along the coast for 7 km from Scopello to San Vito Lo Capo. Walking in this path of the Zingaro Reserve it is possible to see the famous bays such us:

     – Disa Bay;

     – Beretta Bay;

     – Capreria Bay;

     – Marinella Bay;

     – Tonnarella dell’Uzzo Bay;

     – Torre dell’Uzzo Bay;

     – Varo Bay.

Each of these is truly unique, they are Sicilian beaches where you can experience truly pleasant moments. Obviously you can also take regenerating baths in the splendid Sicilian sea. In addition to these bays it is also possible to see much more in the Zingaro Reserve.

The sirens of the Zingaro Reserve

There is no lack of fun in this reserve, especially for children who can enjoy with many special marine activities. In fact, thanks to Aquamarine Sea Passion Sicily and Sirenes Mermaid Lifestyle, it will be possible to go on sea excursions, yoga lessons, snorkelling trips and even Gypsy dance. There are also instructors dressed as mermaids who will allow children to immerse themselves in a magical world in close contact with nature.

If you ask yourself what to see in Sicily, surely your itinerary cannot miss activities of this type that you will certainly remember for a long time.

The museums in the Zingaro Reserve

Inside the reserve there are 5 museums that are dedicated to different themes:

     – Red tuna fishing;

     – Maritime activities;

     – Processing of grain;

     – The peasant civilization: the art of weaving and the use of the manna;

     – The naturalistic museum of fauna and flora.

In fact, in the Zingaro reserve there are several birds of prey including Bonelli’s eagle, a unique specimen that flies over the skies of this area.

The Tonnara of Scopello

This is considered by many to be the most beautiful location in the Zingaro Nature Reserve, in fact also for these reasons it was chosen to shoot several films including the famous Inspector Montalbano. This is a very old building that was used by local fishermen as a base for tuna fishing. Today the Tonnara has become a real museum among the stacks, but up until the 1980s it was still in operation. Visiting the Tonnara means being able to observe a place rich in history and certainly very pleasant to see.


If you are thinking of organizing a trip to Sicily, the Zingaro Nature Reserve is a destination you absolutely cannot do without. So don’t waste any more time and have this experience that you will surely remember for a long time.

Zingaro Reserve Maps

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