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Sicilian Amaro

amaro siciliano

Sicilian Amaro is one of the typical symbolic products of the island.

It is a liqueur whose origins are lost in the history of this land.

In recent years it is increasingly appreciated all over the world.

This product is obtained by mixing different products. Aromatic herbs, fruit and spices that grow wild in Sicily.

For example wild fennel, licorice, mint, thyme, oregano, orange, lemon, pomegranate, artichoke and many others.

There are many variations of Amaro Siciliano, each of which includes a different blend of fruit, herbs and spices.

It is a product that was born as a digestive.

Thanks to its properties, in fact, it represents the ideal drink for the end of meals, able to help digestion and to counteract the problems of bloating and stomach acidity.

However, the use of this amaro is not limited only to culinary moments.

Many people also appreciate it as an ingredient for making cocktails and other types of alcoholic beverages.

In particular, Sicilian Amaro goes very well with many other spirits, enriching the flavor of these drinks with its bitter and aromatic note.

History of Sicilian Amaro 

Like most Sicilian products, the amaro also has an ancient origin.

In reality the name “amaro” has a very recent origin (19th century) but the recipe is much older.

Since the time of Greek domination, herbal distillates began to be used for medicinal purposes.

With the advent of the Romans, the use of these preparations continued and prospered.

An important imprint in the preparation of the amaro was given by the Arab and Norman domination.

These populations influenced the ingredients by adding “exotic” spices and fruit to the traditional recipe.

The Arab domination (I can’t stop saying it) is the one that ultimately influenced the Sicilian traditions in an indissoluble way.

As this influence is undeniable in most of the typical products of this island, I think the same thing happened in the case of the amaro.

Over the centuries the preparation has become more and more refined.

It has been in the last 2 centuries that this product has started to become more and more in demand all over the world.

Variety of recipes for this digestive liqueur typical of Sicily.

As with all typical products, we also have several versions of Sicilian Amaro.

Sicily is a land rich in flavors, smells and colors. All this variety has meant that many types of amaro were born.

From the preparation with orange peel to the one with artichoke, bay leaf, lemon peel and various types of aromatic herbs.

The diversity of the recipes is however linked to Sicily by the ingredients and by the tradition.

We have many products that are of gastronomic excellence and many will be born in the coming years.

From digestive to ingredient for mixology

Sicilian Amaro

The Sicilian amaro, which has always been known as a classic digestive, is experiencing a revolution in the world of mixology.

This elixir with bitter and aromatic notes, has become a fascinating and versatile ingredient for the creation of exceptional cocktails.

Let’s find out how the Sicilian amaro made its extraordinary transition from tradition to the creative sphere of mixology.

Sicilian amaro has a long history as a digestive liqueur appreciated in Sicilian cuisine and culture.

Its production has been handed down from generation to generation, with secret formulas and unique extraction techniques.

This liqueur traditionally served after meals to aid digestion and refresh the palate, has gradually gained the attention of mixology experts for its complexity of taste and its aromatic properties.

Thanks to its richness of flavors and aromas, the Sicilian amaro has become an intriguing component in contemporary mixology.

Bartenders are constantly looking for new ways to use this unique drink to create amazing cocktails.

Sicilian amaro can add depth and complexity to a wide range of drinks.

From the classics: negroni, mojito, spritz etc. to more daring and innovative creations.

The Sicilian amaro marries harmoniously with a variety of mixology ingredients, creating intriguing and balanced taste profiles.

The bitter notes of the amaro are complemented by the sweetness of the syrups, the freshness of the citrus fruits and the spiciness of exotic spices.

The orange, lemon, bergamot and herbs typical of Sicilian amaro offer a perfect base for creating sophisticated cocktails.

New approaches to beverage making have embraced a wide range of influences and Sicilian amaro, with its historical heritage and deep connection to Sicilian culture, fits perfectly into this trend.

The creativity and innovation of mixology open up new horizons for the use of traditional products in new contexts.

The Sicilian amaro has made a remarkable transition from its traditional role as a digestive to the forefront of the innovative world of mixology.

This ancient Sicilian elixir, with its complexity of flavors and wide range of aromas, has earned a prominent place in a multitude of creative and sophisticated drinks.

The Sicilian amaro is poised to captivate the palates of cocktail drinkers around the world, offering a distinctive flavor that celebrates both its traditional roots and the infinite possibilities of modern mixology.


For those who want to know and savor the island, my advice is not to miss the amaro drink.

Intense and unique flavors that recall our island.

You will be spoiled for choice even according to your tastes.

I am sure you will find the Sicilian amaro that is most suitable for you.

Make a toast to Sicily with one of its best typical products.

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